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Entertainment / Society

This category consists of 162 photographs, covering the period from 1952 to 1988. Older photographs have to do with the first beauty pageants organised in Greece and the performance of the winning beauties at corresponding international events. Newspaper photoreportage was quite extensive, which indicates the interest of the public in such events.

Furthermore, in the 1960s and 1970s, international figures who were often the “target” of photographers stand out, such as Frank Sinatra, Maria Callas, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Virna Lisi, while there is no lack of royal photoreportage, capturing Greek and international aristocrats at formal events and in moments of fun at luxury resorts. Most of the photographs, however, relate to the much talked about marriage of Aristotle Onassis to Jackie Kennedy, a social event that drew the attention of the international press.


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14/7/1971. Frank Sinatra in Greece. Frank Sinatra on a night out at a night club with friends (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

14/7/1971. Frank Sinatra in Greece (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

4/11/1973. The wedding of Tolis Voskopoulos to Marinella (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

24/6/1975. The former chancellor of West Germany Willy Brandt having a good time (here, he is preparing to smash a plate on the dance floor) at the ‘Fantasia’ night club, with Melina Merkouri (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

16/5/1983. The civil marriage of Sophia Sakorafa (Photo Grigoris Xanthos, Photojournalism Agency Enlargement).

04/11/1973. Tolis Voskopoulos and Marinella leave by car after their wedding. (photo: Dimis Argyropoulos).

04/11/1973. Tolis Voskopoulos and Marinella celebrate with friends after their wedding. (photo: Dimis Argyropoulos).

19/06/1965. Star Hellas Beauty Pageant at the “Asteria” night club in Glyfada. The winner, Aspa Theologitou, accompanied by Vivi Niavi (“Greek Beauty”), Maria Gika (“Miss Hellas”) and Stivi Kavirtzi (“Runner Up Miss Hellas”). (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

1961. Aristotle Onassis takes Winston Churchill on a tour of a Greek island. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

1962. Monaco's Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier in Athens. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

1965. King Constantine and his wife, Anna-Maria, outside the Radio City Cinema. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

1964. Princess Soraya, the former wife of the Shah of Persia, on a visit to the Acropolis. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

Early 1960s Heir to the throne, Contantine, filming Jackie Kennedy at the Tatoi palace. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

1970. French singer Dalida arrives at Hellenikon airport. (photo: Floros Bros. -Nikolaos Leon. Floros)

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