Group guided tours
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Group guided tours

Guided tours of the Museum’s exhibits through the use of new technologies and cutting-edge digital media make the journey through the world of communication truly amazing!

At the fully renovated exhibition spaces on the 2nd floor, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Museum’s new thematic units! Book a seat and come to the Museum, and together we’ll discover the history of telecommunications and travel from antiquity to the modern digital world.

Live // Families // Group Tours
Syndays 15 & 22/10, 09/11, 10/12/2023, 28/01, 11/02, 10/03, 07/04, 18 &19/05/2024
Time: 14.30-15.30
Children: Adults and children over 10 years
Participation: Free. Online reservation is required.

Current Events

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Happy Runner!

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For more laughter, stay on the line!

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Tsaka-Tsaka/Interactive Game

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Moving Windmills!

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The Museum is a ceramics workshop

Live // Educational Activities // Families

Your old t-shirt still has some life in it! 

Live // Educational Activities // Families

Knit the dial! 

Live // Educational Activities // Families

The Museum as a Sculpture workshop!

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