New STEM Programs at the Museum on Sunday 27 November.

This year, the Telecommunications Museum is more than just a Museum! On Sunday 27 November, it will be transformed into a STEM workshop for children between the ages of 6 and 12 . Have a look at the new STEM programs Spreading our wings! Learn about the vital role played by birds in preserving the balance of […]

Museum Alert! Wanted: Phone Books!

At one time, they were everywhere. Now they’re hard to come by! Can you help us find a few? Have you forgotten about one somewhere in your home? Or do you know who we can ask?We get a lot of phone calls from people interested in doing research inthis archive. The Museum has quite a […]

Become an engraver from home!

We visited the Pandolfini-Siaterli Engraving Centre in Athens, where we were welcomed by two great engravers, Pino and Dimitra, to show us the art of engraving.

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