From the first Christmas telegrams to the red coin phone
2 December 2018

From the first Christmas telegrams to the red coin phone


17-23 December 2018


Malliaropouleio Theatre, Tripoli

What happened

Shortly before Christmas, as part of the travelling exhibition titled “From the first Christmas telegrams to the red coin phone”, the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum presented representative samples of its collections as well as an educational programme for children.

The Exhibition

Telephones and a small collection of telegrams were the main theme of the exhibition set up in the lobby of the Malliaropouleio theater. The telephone sets presented the evolution of telephony from the crank phone (late 1800s), when the call was put through by a switchboard operator, to the red phone (1980s), which could be found at public locations and worked with drachmas, as well as the push-button telephone, the last representative of the phone call before the touch screen. The telegrams with the original Christmas wishes and their artistic flair set the tone of a different era’s holidays.

The educational programme

A treasure hunt made our young visitors path (parents with children or teachers with students) pleasant and playful! The children, after a short tour, took a table and tried to combine devices, origin and year of construction. This helped them re-discovered the exhibits by learning their history!

Our visitors

Some 500 people visited the exhibit & 150 parents and children took part in the educational activity. The local press and broadcasting media gave great publicity to the exhibition, with on-site reports from the venue.


The Museum’s participation was ensured with the contribution of the Employee’s Cultural Center of OTE Tripoli, and was included in the festive celebrations of the Municipality of Tripoli and the EU. In my region programme, in the framework of the TREEpoli Cultural Events of the Peloponnese Region.

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