Museum education initiatives are under way. Get connected now!
16 September 2021

Museum education initiatives are under way. Get connected now!

On Sunday, 26 September, we open the doors of the Museum and welcome you to the open-air engraving workshop with your bicycle!

We’ll talk about prints and telegrams, you’ll see a postman's bicycle from the 1950s and learn how telegrams, the first electronic form of human communication, transmitted messages very quickly to every corner of the Earth!

In a workshop in the museum's courtyard, you will talk to the great engravers Pino and Dimitra from the Pandolfini-Siaterli Athens Engraving Centre, who will show you the art of engraving and guide you in making your own print with the wheels of your bicycle.

Times: 10.00-11.30 & 12.00-13.30

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*Participation in all of the Museum’s activities is free! Online booking required.

Public Health Measures:

*We ‘connect’ with you safely, following the state’s instructions for halting the spread of the pandemic. Masks are mandatory in the Museum’s spaces, and to enter the museum, you must show:

For adults and minors aged 12 and over:

- a vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery or

- the result of the rapid test for the coronavirus COVID-19 antigen, which must have been carried out within 48 hours prior to entry into the space.

For minors from 4 to 11 years of age:

- a self-test declaration from the past 24 hours.

Certificates are shown either in hard copy or electronically on the visitor’s mobile phone. In scanning your QR code, we will not collect, store or otherwise process your personal information.

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