Museum Educational Activities in October
28 October 2016

Museum Educational Activities in October


22-23 October 2016

What happened?

Parents and their children enjoyed a triple ride through the Museum Halls.

The first ride was directly related to the Museum exhibits. In the Ancient Greece Hall, the children sought for communication ways dated all the way back to the ancient times. Along with the museum educator, they talked about the evolution of telephony, saw telephone devices from the 40s and up to the 70s as well as the first mobile phone!

The second ride featured the juggler and the connection of his art to the Museum Exhibits. With a one-wheel bike as a vehicle, he presented how the distribution of telegraphs was conducted until the 60s and, via his red flags, he revealed a communication way that is used until today! With fluorescent objects that remind us of a mobile screen glowing in the dark, children learned jugglery tricks and experimented with the help of an expert.

Finally, the third ride concerned the periodic exhibition “Rides” that is hosted in our Museum, presenting the works of the children who participated in the last year’s artistic workshops and which interact with the exhibits of the permanent Museum Collection.

Who visited us …

Approximately 300 parents and their children participated in the educational activity, whereas 60 individual guests enjoyed a tour to the Museum Exhibit Halls.

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