OTE HISTORY brings children to the Telecommunications Museum
30 June 2016

OTE HISTORY brings children to the Telecommunications Museum

More than 100 children with their parents had the chance to enjoy the experiential museum tours designed by OTE HISTORY, in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In our Museum, apart from the complete museum experience that the children shared with their parents, the activity also included a… “news report”!

Our little friends, attending a tour specially designed for them, with “unexpected” interventions by museum associates, transformed slowly into professional reporters, discovering suddenly the big, lost headline of the “founding of the Telecommunications Museum in 1990”!

Among exhibits and showcases with old telephones, among speaking clocks, Morse telegraphs, telephotography machines, phone booths and satellite systems, the little reporters filled, step by step, the “blanks” in the news item, one word at a time, and in the end gathered in a room with worktables and drafted their own News Report!

And after all that, here comes the big moment, the next surprise: a full TV studio was there for our reporters’ News Broadcasting!

Our “reporters”, guided by the chief editor of the Report and under the instructions of the director, stood before the cameras, the lights went on, “action” and… one at a time, they started to present their own news item, the one they had literally wrote at the last minute!

At the end of the Report their satisfaction was obvious, their reporter experience having concluded in the best way.

After all, that was a great day in the OTE Telecommunications Museum. A day offered in a unique way by OTE HISTORY!

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