The Museum is a ceramics workshop!
21 October 2022

The Museum is a ceramics workshop!

This year, our Museum is more than just a Museum! On Sunday, 16 October, it was transformed into a ceramics workshop, and 34 children between the ages of 7 and 12 heard the story of clay and made their own ceramic objects, inspired by telecommunications and our exhibits!

The experienced ceramicists Vera Siaterli and Kyriakos Spyropoulos were with us to guide children in making clay mail pigeons and containers, with the help of a special wheel.

The history of clay goes back many centuries; as Vera Siaterli told us, ceramics is an ancient art that creates with soil, water and fire! Primitive food gatherers found clay on the banks of rivers and used it to line the interior of the baskets in which they transported seeds. One basket happened to catch fire, and while the basket itself burned and disappeared, the clay underwent a chemical change and changed colour, becoming hard as stone and unaltered for millennia!

But what’s the connection between ceramics and telecommunications? The porcelain insulators used in telecommunications were an integral part of the operation and spread of telegraph networks!

At the end of the workshop, the children took their creations home to allow the clay to dry naturally.

For those who were unable to attend, the workshop will be held again on 30 April in the Museum’s courtyard. Don’t miss it!

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