The Telecommunications Museum at the 4th Athens Science Festival
27 March 2017

The Telecommunications Museum at the 4th Athens Science Festival


From March 29 to April 2, 2017

What will happen?

The 4th ASF returns to Technopolis in Gazi under the central theme “Shaping our Future”. The festival programme includes various events, scientific interactive actions such as experiments and workshops, discussions, theatrical shows, seminars, exhibitions, lectures etc. and it is appropriate for every age. It is addressed to schools, adult audiences and families.

The Museum is there!

OTE Telecommunications Museum participates in the 4th Athens Science Festival with two actions: one Portable Exhibition and one Educational Workshop for children from 9-13 years old.

The Exhibition – The Workshop

The title of the exhibition presented by the Museum is “Telephone Communication and Other Stories” and it concerns the exhibition of telephone devices from different eras.

In the educational workshop, the children will build their own telephone center. The experiment will help children understand in practice the principle of operation of a telephone center and the method of communication implemented by people up to the recent decades.

The programme

Days of the Portable Exhibition

Weekdays 09.00-14.00 & Weekends 11.00-16.00

Days of the Educational Workshop

Weekdays 09.30-13.00 & Weekends 11.30-15.00

Visit Us

You will find us at the first floor of INNOVATHENS

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