The Telecommunications Museum on “another planet”!
24 September 2018

The Telecommunications Museum on “another planet”!

The Museum participated with a visual lab and an exhibition of vintage telephone devices, offering to its hundred visitors a weekend of entertainment and knowledge.

The educational program

In the lab with theme: “around the museums of the world in only 45 minutes!” 150 parents and children received a tour around the museums of the world and in the Telecommunications Museum. They saw many exhibits and learnt about them, then picked their two favorites and created a colorful collage! A project with which they were photographed and of course took their photos with them.

The exhibition

The title: “PHONE HOME: from the Telecommunications Museum to Planet 100 (P100)”, with telephone devices of the previous century! More than 1000 people visited in total.

Our little visitors stood in wonder in front of the hand-held device from 1909 with the crank on the side, wondering: “how did you make a phone call?”. The older ones admired the “black beauty”, the famous device of 1948 with the rotary dial and attempted to “remake” a call via the dial disc! In the coin collector of 1970, the coin was missing!

“PHONE HOME: from the Telecommunications Museum”, we are waiting for you in our renovated hall … with the new museum programs!

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