Virtual & Augmented Reality Museum Labs
28 November 2017

Virtual & Augmented Reality Museum Labs


5 & 26 November 2017

What happened?

The little visitors of the Telecommunications Museum who participated in the educational activities of November had the opportunity to learn new words and live new experiences. Virtual and Augmented reality, modern concepts and technology as well as appropriate devices were the means that transported our little friends to an imaginary world of their own!

Truth or Lie – Reality or Illusion?

Wearing VR masks the children travelled all the way to planet Zeus and visited the orbital space station while at the same time, some of the children were swimming with dolphins in crystal blue waters. Apart from playing games and having fun, an entire digital world opened before their eyes via augmented reality applications and, using tablets, they discovered interesting and useful information on selected Museum exhibits.

Finally, in a photobooth that was set up specifically for this program, the children had the opportunity to take a picture against the huge antennas of the Satellite Communications Center in Thermopylae.

Who visited us

A great number of parents and children, 188 people in total, participated in the Museum educational programs that were held during November.

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