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#StayConnected, #StayCurious


The Digital communication never stops, in fact, in a telecommunications museum. Thus, it will remain "open" through its site, proposing different activities each week for different ages of children that can be done at home. 



Therefore, we stay homeconnected and always curious to hear new telecommunications stories and discover new forms of communication!


We recommend to all of you who will browse our site, but also to the @otegroupmuseum on Instagram, actions, suggestions & walks from home that keep us connected and always curious to discover new forms of communication.



Choose from:


1. Educational Programs & Actions

For the whole family, for children from 4 to 12 years old but also for adults, based on the exhibits and collections of the museum, with content that will be constantly updated!

"Staying at home", the younger ones, you will be able to make a 3d phone from recyclable materials, or print and paint exhibits of the Museum, learning their history, but also the older ones, or all together, to make a "memory game" with cards, create a handmade table, make comics and more.

And all this easily and quickly, with step-by-step instructions and small videos.

#StayConnected See the programs here


2. See digital selected points of the Exhibition

Without moving yourself, see, by simply clicking, digitally display the augmented (AR) & virtual reality (VR) applications of the Exhibition. With one click, meet Morse and his invention, take a ride on the cable ship "Thalis the Milesian", and discover the analog telephone exchanges and the first telephone booth of the '30s.

#StayConnected VR


3. Stories of the Telecommunications Museum

We bring to mind and discover important moments or unknown aspects of the history of telecommunications in Greece and the world.

 What does Count of Monte Cristo have to teach us about telecommunications? How did the invention of the telegraph help him avenge the people who imprisoned him? The classic book of world literature by Alexandros Doumas includes the telegraph in its plot. But not Morse's electronic telegraph, but Chappe's optical telegraph. "I've seen these black folding hands that look like the legs of a huge beetle sometimes stand on the side of the road" #StayCurious

By clicking here, get to know unknown aspects of the history of telecommunications!


4. World Telecommunications Day (May 17) / International Museum Day (May 18)

In 1977, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) designated May 18 as International Museum Day. Since then, every May, museums around the world celebrate!

This year, due to special conditions and the fact that museums remain closed, all ICOM actions have been digital. The OTE Group Telecommunications Museum participated again this year, implementing educational programs and digital actions inspired by this year's theme of International Museum Day: “Museums for equality. Polymorphism and Social Cohesion." 

With the basic motto: #StayConnected, #StayCurious, we implemented a total of three programs, an Art Workshop, a Music Workshop, and a Digital Game. The two workshops were organized live with the team of museum educators, while for those who want to do them on another day and at another time, they can still download the appropriate program, specially designed for implementation at home. Also, for the digital game, there is a corresponding application, which "opening" it, gives you the opportunity to create an original digital puzzle.  All programs are free, you only contribute with your creativity, imagination, and entertainment!  See the programs we have prepared for you and choose the one that interests you.


 See the programs, here


Stay here for new activities and stories every week #StayConnected