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About Us

We are the people of Communication.


We are people who love stories.


That is why our Museum, the OTE Group Telecommunications Museum, has many stories to tell.

Stories of communication, starting from Friktories, the optical transmission of messages via fire, the sound of the horn and reaching as far as the electric telegraph, telephones, satellites, the internet and of course, mobile phones. The OTE Group Telecommunications Museum’s unique Collections unfold the evolution of telecommunications, one of the most significant sectors of technology. At the same time, the Museum rolls out the history of our company which is closely linked to Greece and its development.


The Museum scope includes:

  • Organisation of  exhibitions
  • Guided tours for groups and individual visitors
  • Planning & implementation of innovative educational programmes
  • Use and development of new technologies
  • Curating
  • Digitization and documentation of our Collections
  • Technical support and preservation of our collections


The Museum is Everywhere!
2020-2021 BEST OF Educational programmes & Digital activities no matter where you are!


Top distinction for the Telecommunications Museum at the Mobile Excellence Awards 2020 for its Augmented Reality digital tour
The Telecommunications Museum was one of the major winners at this year’s Mobile Excellence Awards ‘20 by Boussias Communications......



A story with a beginning...but without end! Explore the evolution of Telecommunications from long-ago telegraphy until the current age of mobile phones and satellite communications!


The exhibit of the month

The exhibit of the month

View an exhibit from the Museum Collections in 360th view!