Happy Runner -ICOM

Stem Workshop The speed at which a message travels can change the course of history, which is why, in ancient times, messengers were very important, running long distances to deliver a message quickly and securely. Today, technology enables us to exchange messages faster than ever before, without taking a single step. But that doesn’t mean […]

Moving Windmills- ICOM

Stem Workshop At the touch of a switch, we have electricity! But it wasn’t always like this; it took us years to achieve this. In this workshop, we will learn how we got to today’s technology, creating a model of a functional wind turbine that generates electricity when we blow on its rotor.

A Juggler at the Museum

Educational Activity A Juggler meets you at the Museum for a magical ride! Acrobatics, juggling with balls, pins and glowing objects by a real juggler, delivering telegrams on “unicycle” bicycles, will make your ride unforgettable!Through an original combination of juggling and telecommunications, experience magical museum moments!

Become the messenger of the Goddess -ICOM

Storytelling Workshop We take a brief journey into mythology and learn about the messenger Hermes and the goddess Aphrodite! We travel to distant civilizations and learn about female deities and what they symbolised. We choose and discuss a communication issue that concerns people today. We then write a telegram so that the goddess Aphrodite can send […]

For more laughter, stay on the line!

Theatrical Performance What would it really be like to be a telephone operator? How many hilarious conversations might have been heard in the past? In the theatrical performance “Please connect me to laughter,” with an OTE telephone operator as the central heroine, we get a direct line to stories derived from telephone conversations of a […]

Group guided tours

Guided tours of the Museum’s exhibits through the use of new technologies and cutting-edge digital media make the journey through the world of communication truly amazing! At the fully renovated exhibition spaces on the 2nd floor, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Museum’s new thematic units! Book a seat and come […]

The Museum as a mosaic art workshop!

Have you ever created an entire cable laying vessel piece by piece? Under the guidance of mosaic specialist Athena Antipa, we will do it together at the Museum in December. And later, in March, come join us in discovering more about the internet and your favourite video games , and then bring them to ‘life’ […]

The Museum is a ceramics workshop

Did you know that instead of an SMS, people used to send pigeons to communicate? Discover the birds’ ‘talent’ for communicating and carrying messages, and thank them for their contribution by building them a nest of pine needles. The acclaimed artist Martha Dimitropoulou will be at the Museum to help you create your own sculpture! […]

Your old t-shirt still has some life in it! 

You’re sure to have a specific t-shirt you can wear all day, every day, and never get tired of it. And now you can transform it, making it even better! Come to the Museum with your T-shirt and, under the guidance of fashion designer Anna Kypraiou, add ribbons, buttons, colors, stickers, and anything else you […]

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