Happy Runner!

The speed at which a message travels can change the course of history, which is why, in ancient times, messengers were very important, running long distances to deliver a message quickly and securely. Today, technology enables us to exchange messages faster than ever before, without taking a single step. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t […]

There once was a little ship

In a unique journey through the history of communication, via an experiential role-playing game, we’ll learn how people used fire, water and air to ‘speak’ in the distant past! Inspired by OTE’s cable-laying vessel ‘Thales of Miletus’, we invite children to explore the vital role played now and in the past by the laying of […]

For more laughter, stay on the line!

What would it really be like to be a telephone operator? How many hilarious conversations might have been heard in the past? In the theatrical performance “Please connect me to laughter,” with an OTE telephone operator as the central heroine, we get a direct line to stories derived from telephone conversations of a different era, […]

Tsaka-Tsaka/Interactive Game

A fun team game of knowledge and observation based on museum exhibits. Choose an exhibit, think of a keyword. Can you guess the word your teammate is describing? Then it’s your turn to describe the same word to your next teammate. Will the whole team be able to find the word within the time limit? […]

Telegram from the Museum

There’s nothing better than a bicycle ride! And at one time, this was a job for many people who, every day, used their bicycles to deliver telegrams. Telegrams may be a thing of the past, but cycling is still a very fun activity that has physical and psychological benefits! Following a Virtual Tour of select […]

Safe Internet browsing

Without a doubt, the Internet is a boundless world of knowledge, entertainment and communication. Do we know everything about the internet, and what would we like to ask the experts without fear or panic? Experts from the Digital Crime Unit talk to us about real cases of cyberbullying, the dangers lurking on social media, cyberattacks […]

The panels rotate/ STEM

Did you know that solar energy can be harnessed to produce electricity through photovoltaic panels? Together, we will learn how to build solar trackers for photovoltaic panels that follow the movement of the sun and thus generate more electricity. * Before the programme begins, there will be a short slide show of select exhibits from […]

Moving Windmills/ STEM

At the touch of a switch, we have electricity! But it wasn’t always like this; it took us years to achieve this. In this workshop, we will learn how we got to today’s technology, creating a model of a functional wind turbine that generates electricity when we blow on its rotor. * Before the programme […]

School Guided Tours

Guided tours of the Museum’s exhibits through the use of new technologies and cutting-edge digital media make the journey through the world of communication truly amazing! At the fully renovated exhibition spaces on the 2nd floor, you will have the opportunity to get to know the Museum’s new thematic units! Book a seat and come […]

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