3rd Athens Science Festival
28 April 2016

3rd Athens Science Festival

We evolve with science


5-10 April 2016


Technopolis - Gazi, Athens

What happened

The Museum participated in the 3rd Athens Science Festival with the exhibition titled “Telecommunications Developments: From the Morse Telegram to the Red Telephone” and presented the evolution of telecommunications, from the Morse telegraph of 1910, the crank telephones, the rotary dial phones of the ‘40s, ‘50s & ‘60s, up to the red Tamura coin phone.

At the technology educational museum workshop held for children 8-12 years old, “We connect... We communicate... We evolve...”, the children connected two telephone devices with cables, batteries, resistors and lamps, so that the two devices started operating and communicating with each other. In a simple and demonstrative manner, communication was achieved in practice!


Some 2,500 people visited our Museum's exhibition & 200 students took part in the technology workshop

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