13 February. World Radio Day! 13 February 2022
13 February 2022

13 February. World Radio Day! 13 February 2022

Beautiful melodies, fascinating stories & interesting discussions... for years now, radio has been a great medium for keeping us company, even in our loneliest moments.

Today, on World Radio Day, we share with you some global events honouring this beloved device, of which Italy’s Guglielmo Marconi is considered the ‘father’. 

Did you know that...

• The first radio station opened in 1919, in Pittsburgh, USA! 

• By 1934, 60% of U.S. households had radios!

•  In August 1945, the Japanese heard their Emperor’s voice on the radio for the first time, when he announced the country’s surrender at the end of World War II!

• Poland and South Africa are the countries where radio is most popular, with 94% of the population tuning in! Germany ranks third with 93%. 

• 44,000 radio stations broadcast to 5 billion people, reaching 70% of the world’s population! 

#StayConnected #StayCurious 

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