Museum Alert! Wanted: Phone Books!    
21 October 2022

Museum Alert! Wanted: Phone Books!    

At one time, they were everywhere. Now they’re hard to come by!

Can you help us find a few? Have you forgotten about one somewhere in your home? Or do you know who we can ask?
We get a lot of phone calls from people interested in doing research in
this archive. The Museum has quite a few ... but it needs more!

Our goal is to have a complete Archive, making the Museum a reference point for researchers. Your assistance would be invaluable! Follow these steps:

-Take a photo of the cover page of your phone book and send it to [email protected]

-Write your details (first name, last name, contact numbers)

If you have any questions or need clarifications, call us at +30 210 6110299, ext. 3 (Archive).

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