#StayConnected, #StayCurious
27 March 2020

#StayConnected, #StayCurious

Telecommunications Stories

Did you know that, in the classic book by Alexandros Doumas, Count of Monte Cristo used the optical telegraph to get his revenge?

That the first public display of the Morsi telegraph, in Greece, took place in the palace in 1839 in the presence of Otto and Amalia?

Did you know that the word "telecommunications" is quite recent and first appeared in French in 1930?

Do you want to know if OTE's first cable ship, the Thales the Milesian, was also used to catch mines during World War I off the coast of America?

It is a fact that our Museum, all these years, "tells stories" to its visitors, which concern both the exhibition and its collections or about the main stations of the development of communication in Greece and the world.

Now the "stories go on", for you, who "stay home"!

Every week, on the Museum's website, there will be a "story", with photos and historical documentation, in an entertaining style.

The past of telecommunications is full of fascinating and unexpected stories. Stay tuned to our Museum to discover them!

We stay home… but also "go to the Museum"... "listening to stories"

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