The Society series contains more photographs than any other category in the collection (4,839 items) and has been divided into six sub-series (Police reportage, Justice, Gender, Environment, Church, Various). It is obvious that the Society series is a broad category which may include several dissimilar subjects, such as homicides, fires, feminist conferences, church elections, and lottery winners. Essentially, this is an “umbrella” category that includes anything that cannot be placed in the other categories. However, in line with the thinking behind journalistic material, we found that the general and abstract concept of society itself is presented in the Press of the era in just as fragmented and multifaceted a way as the photographs contained in this category. Besides, the largest subcategory is Police reportage, with 3,564 photographs, while Justice follows with 414 items. Therefore, the vast majority of photographs in this series are related to the world (and underworld) of crime, which has always been one of the most popular types of photojournalism.

The chronology of the series ranges from 1953 to 1988. However, most of the photographs were taken in the 1970s and 1980s.


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3/1/1974. Car accident in Yliki, Thebes. A Ford Capris that burned completely following a violent collision (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

10/3/1978. Fire at shops in Athens. Thick smoke in burning stores (possible arson) in the area around ‘Trianon’ cinema, in an arcade surrounded by Patision Street, Kodrigktonos Street and Hamilton Street (Photo (Photo Florou Bros, Athenian Press Photoreportage).

25/6/1981. Women gather at the gates of the university. They are holding a banner with slogans about cat-calling in the streets, rapes, and the terrorism of the patriarchy (Photo Florou Bros, Athenian Press Photoreportage).

31/10/1981. Protest at the Korydallos minor’s prison (Photo Dimis Argyropoulos).

15/09/1982. Woman locked away in a basement in Athens. Evgenia Bazigou was found locked away for more than ten years in a basement flat/dungeon in Metaxourgeio (Photo Grigoris Xanthos, Photojournalism Agency Enlargement).

20/9/1982. Seminar on women’s equality in Athens. Attendees at the Chamber of Commerce, where the seminar on the EEC’s New Action Plan for the promotion of equal opportunities for women was held, organised by the Greek office of the European Parliament (Photo Florou Bros, Athenian Press Photoreportage).

03/03/1983. Police officers and citizens gathered at the location of the re-enactment of Vasilis Takos’ crimes. The case had shaken public opinion when it came to light that he had killed and buried his children in his yard (Photo Grigoris Xanthos, Photojournalism Agency Enlargement).

21/7/1983. A train coming through the flames in Malakasa. Thousands of acres of pine trees were turned to ashes in Polydendri, Attica, while the flames continued to spread through the night, destroying increasingly larger areas (Photo Florou Bros, Athenian Press Photoreportage).

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