Church telegrams

Church telegrams

The Church category mainly consists of telegrams containing wishes sent to hierarchs, with a total of 292 artefacts. It also includes messages sent from or to the monasteries of Mount Athos, concerning financial issues and land disputes. They cover the period from 1920 to 1970. Of particular interest is the telegram sent by Patriarch Christophoros II of Alexandria in 1946, which refers to Archbishop Athenagoras of America.


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1/6/1938. Athinagoras Kavvadas, later archbishop of Philadelphia, notifies that he has been ordained bishop of Boston. (ΜΤ-021750)

30/06/1922. The Franciscan Seminary of Chania sends a telegram to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Athens in Latin. (ΜΤ-021810)

11/01/1928. Telegram via Chios island in which Patriarch Vasileios (Phanar) informs the Metropolitan Bishop of Mytilene Iakovos that “the synod allows the marriage of Georgios Samaras”. (ΜΤ-021895)

05/03/1953. The Holy Community of Mount Athos notifies Ignatios Vatopedinos and Archimandrite Vissarion, abbot of Grigoriou monastery, that it was informed about a report by Chalkidiki MPs in which they are asking for the expropriation of pastures belonging to monasteries. The monks of Mount Athos are asked to act to make the monasteries of Mount Athos exempt. (ΜΤ-022011)

1900. Telegram sent from Halki to the Patriarch of Constantinople Damian. The Metropolitan Bishop of Stavroupoli, Apostolos, sends wishes of longevity to leading hierarch of the Church of Jerusalem. The telegram paper bears the marking “Ministry of Postal and Telegraph Services of the Ottoman Empire” (in French and Turkish-Ottoman) (ΜΤ-022072)

29/10/1974. A luxury congratulatory telegram, in which the sender, the President of the football associations of Karditsa, wishes Metropolitan Bishop Cleopas well on his nameday. (ΜΤ-022376)

29/12/1946. Patriarch of Alexandria Christopher II writes to the Metropolitan Bishop of Nevrokopi Georgios. He mentions the case of Metropolitan Bishop Christopher Contogeorge, who had in 1934 been ordained bishop with the title ‘Archbishop of America and Canada’, resulting in the Archbishop of America Athenagoras deposing him. In his telegram, the Patriarch of Alexandria takes the side of Contogeorge and sends orders to the patriarchal apocrisiarus to revoke Athenagoras’ decision. (ΜΤ-102696)

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