These are telegrams covering a variety of interests, the content of which is either incomprehensible (encrypted, exceptionally brief), or they are groups of telegrams, the number of which is far too small to form a category of their own (telegrams of the ministry of health, justice). This category also includes a variety of materials relating to telegraphy, such as files, receipts, templates for a variety of telegrams, forms, and official documents of telegraphy departments. This category consists of a total of 453 artefacts.


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6/11/1927. Telegram in which the sender informs Ioannis Saketos about a court case. (ΜΤ-020184)

07/04/1964. Telegram in which the sender, Temponeras, Head of Health for the Prefecture of Kilkis, asks the recipients to send an amount of rabies vaccine. (ΜΤ-020963)

28/06/1890. Telegram from the assistant director of the telegraph office of Messolonghi to telegraph operator Papavasilopoulos, in which he orders him to leave his current position in Aitoliko and to travel to the telegraph office of Kalamata. (ΜΤ-021285)

18/05/1883. Copy of a document notifying telegraph operator Papavasilopoulos of his promotion and transfer to the telegraph office of Gastouni. (ΜΤ-021287)

29/11/1894. Copy of the telegram in which telegraph operator Papavasilopoulos is ordered to travel to his post. (ΜΤ-021288)

28/07/1867. Athens to Marseilles telegram receipt. The telegram fee is 11.10 drachmas. (ΜΤ-021752)

30/09/1884. Receipt of Royal Hellenic Telegraph Office telegram sent from Limni, Evia, to Liverpool. The telegram fee is 13 drachmas. The document is from the Ottoman period. (ΜΤ-021758)

New year’s advertisement chromolithograph (1898) of the Piraeus Telegraph Office. It lists the telegram fees between countries at the time. (ΜΤ-021768)

22/09/1903. Telegram in which the sender from Geneva informs the recipient in Heraklion of the address of the Greek (?) consulate in Geneva. (ΜΤ-021773)

27/08/1930. Notification from TTT informing the recipient that the telegram they sent was not delivered. (ΜΤ-021842)

12/04/1866. Receipt of a telegram sent by Stamatios Dekazis Vouros from Athens to Marseilles. (ΜΤ-021872)

19/08/1936. Notification from the Central Telegraph Office of Athens for supplemental payment regarding the telegrams of Aristotle Onassis from Buenos Aires to Athens (15 days after the coup by Ioannis Metaxas, which took place on 4/8/1936). The words Hellenic Republic have been crossed out on the telegraph office notification document and it has been stamped with the words Kingdom of Greece. (ΜΤ-021950)

16/05/1932. Telegram in which the sender informs the recipient of their failure to find the power of attorney document and of the need to send the purchase contract. The telegram bears the stamp of the Thessaloniki telegraph office. (ΜΤ-023578)

02/03/1935. ID card with which the director of the English telegraph office verifies that Epaminondas N. Theofanidis is an employee of the English telegraph office and that he has free access to the TTT building. On the back of the ID card there is the validation by the military supervisor. The permit was issued due to the temporary curfew in effect following the military movement of 1 March 1935. (ΜΤ-023663)

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