Christmas Museum Educational Activities in December
15 December 2016

Christmas Museum Educational Activities in December


10-11 December 2016

What happened?

The mysterious package

Parents and children walked into the Ancient Greece hall only to find a surprise awaiting for them! Almost immediately, a mysterious package arrived. What was in it?

In a big TV screen, little Phoebe began reading a letter she had accidentally found among her grandfather’s old belongings. A letter that explained how people communicated in the old times, from which, however, 6 key words were missing. If these words were found, the letter would make sense and the content of the package would be revealed!

How to find the words

And then, the “treasure hunt” began, with all the necessary tools in order to find the missing words. The children were divided in six groups, one for each of the six missing words. Each group received a small suitcase and explored predetermined areas within the museum. With the help of the museum educators and employees, the children began searching for the words. When they completed their mission, Phoebe appeared and read the letter again, this time, filling in the missing words that the children had discovered. At the end, the package revealed its content, a coin-operated telephone, the known red telephone used in newsstand booths during the 80s’. Their mission was complete! The mysterious package revealed its Christmas wonder!

A telegram with Christmas greetings

Parents and children created artistic telegrams with Christmas wishes inspired by feature paintings of famous painters such as those of Dimitrios Galanis and Joan Miró. A telegram canvas, rice paper, colors and naturally lots of …imagination, were the main ingredients!

Who visited us…

Approximately 350 parents and children participated in the two educational activities that took place during the weekend.

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