“From the first Christmas telegram to the red coin-operated telephone”
7 December 2018

“From the first Christmas telegram to the red coin-operated telephone”

Just before Christmas and for an entire week, the Museum puts on its festive face and meets old and new friends in the beautiful city of Tripoli, and more specifically, at the Malliaropouleio Municipal Theater, one of the most emblematic buildings that has left its mark on the cultural heritage of the city.

In the context of the travelling exhibition titled “From the first Christmas telegram to the red coin-operated telephone”, two representative collections of the Museum (telephone devices and telegrams), are introduced to the audience of Tripoli, giving a taste of the collections and exhibits of the Telecommunications Museum, implicitly underlying the need of people for communication, especially during the holidays.

The telephone devices cover previous decades, from the period of the crank (late 1800s) to the red telephone (1980s) and the visitor will have the opportunity to learn information about them and touch them. On the other hand, the collections of telegrams, with their artistic character, are expected to attract the admiration of visitors, who will have the opportunity to peak through private moments of the senders, reminiscing of another era!

However, the surprises do not stop here! A Treasure hunt titled “let’s explore the exhibition by discovering!” will make the visitors’ (parents with children or teachers with school classes) route, a pleasant, interesting and playful experience!

The friends of the Museum will be given “their own” gift on their way out, a vintage Christmas telegram…in order to send their own wishes (Post Card reprint from original telegram).

Therefore, if your path leads you to Tripoli during these days, come to say goodbye to 2018 together!


Date and place of exhibition: 17-22 December, at Malliaropouleio Theater (Foyer).


Malliaropouleio Theater, Petrinou Square

Tripoli, Arcadia 22100 Greece

*The Malliaropouleio Municipal Theater was donated to the city of Tripoli by Ioannis Malliaropoulos (1847-1919), a visionary doctor who loved arts. The theater was founded in 1905 and was inaugurated via a festive ceremony in 1910. Kotopouli, Paxinou, Minotis, Giorgos Papas, the elite of the theater world, have stepped on its stage. It has also hosted great musical evenings. Today, the Malliaropouleio Theater hosts various theater and music events.

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