Museum Educational Activities in January
23 January 2017

Museum Educational Activities in January

14 and 15 January 2017

What happened?

An entire Engraving Lab was set up on the 2nd floor of the Telecommunications Museum in order to receive the first visitors of the New Year who participated in the programme that launched a new year of educational activities.

The first acquaintance
Children and parents received a tour in selected areas of the Museum Exhibition Halls, during which they learned about the major telecommunications inventions and “met” the people, the important personalities, who invented them.
Morse was an inventor and a painter. The Louvre Museum hosts some of his art work”.
Marconi was not a very good student….nevertheless, this didn’t stop him from inventing the radio and wireless communication.
“Mr. Watson, come here. I would like to see you” said Bell. The first telephone interaction took place in 1876.

The “monotype” technique
The expert partners of the Telecommunications Museum from the Engraving Center of Athens, guided the children to capture on paper their own face or the face of an inventor that made an impression on them, after having engraved the features of each face on a plastic material. The entire composition, having been inked, was processed in the press to produce the desired result, a personal creation from our little friends, who, obviously satisfied, displayed their…masterpiece to their parents! They had already been initiated in the technique of monotyping.

Who visited us
205 parents and children
participated in the four educational activities that were held during the weekend.

We continue….
The end of the programme brought to the spotlight the preparations for the next activity that will be carried out on February 4 & 5, under the title “Lights, cameras, action…” in which our little friends will be transformed to reporters, ready to hunt the big scoop.

Book on time and prepare for yet another exciting experience at the Telecommunications Museum.

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