Virtual & Augmented Reality Museum Labs
1 February 2018

Virtual & Augmented Reality Museum Labs


5 & 26 November 2017 - 14 & 28 January 2018

What happened?

The Telecommunications Museum, within the scope of its educational activities, implemented for the first time a highly technological program based on virtual and augmented reality applications.

The program aimed to unleash the creative potential of a new generation via practical experience, use and familiarity with new technologies. Due to the high turnout the program run on November 2017 and again on January 2018.

An imaginary world that becomes…real!

A rare telephone handset dated back to 1898, a telegraph control from the 1850s and the famous red coinphone from the 1980s, all exhibits at the Museum, awaited the children who, holding a tablet, could see all the relevant information and “transfer” it to the digital world of today (AR Discovery).

With Move in VR, they were “sent” on a mission in the vast desert, searching for a “lost” military telephone set that also belongs among the Museum exhibits whereas with Mixed Realities Media they visited OTE’s Satellite Communications Center in Thermopylae and took photographs with the satellite mirrors in the background.

Moreover, wearing their VR masks, the children boarded a spaceship and flew with the NASA mission on planet Jupiter, saw the Sun and explored a space station (VR Exploration).

Finally, with the help of the VR Teleport technology, they “swam” with dolphins and “flew” over a volcano.

Who visited us

A great number of parents and children, 413 people in total, participated in the Virtual & Augmented Reality Museum Labs!

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