When Lineworkers Become the Spidermen of Telecommunications!
22 May 2023

When Lineworkers Become the Spidermen of Telecommunications!

‘Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing’ was the International Museum Day message for 2023.
The Museum celebrated with activities inside and outside its permanent exhibition, inviting audiences of all ages to participate in interactive programmes.

On Sunday, 14 May, 125 visitors – young & old – chose between Pilates, accompanied by relaxing wellness music, construction of festive props (tiaras, ties, bow ties) & an augmented-reality table-top game (sandbox), creating communication networks between hills, rivers & plains.
At the Museum’s exhibit, the OTE Group Athens Mixed Choir performed Hatzidakis, transporting us to the world of musical creation!

On World Telecommunications Day (17/5), we celebrated at the ‘SOS Children’s Villages’ & on International Museum Day ( 18/5), at the Elefsina Love Centre, taking our activities beyond our walls.
We met with 60 children aged 7 to 13 and talked about our Museum through a virtual tour presentation, bringing the experience of a museum visit closer to the children.

We talked, listened, created decorative plant supports with recyclable materials, inspired by the people of Telecommunications, telephone operators and lineworkers.
At the Elefsina Love Center, Giannis told us that ‘you’d have to be SPIDERMAN to climb up the poles!’ … We ‘steal’ this phrase for each of our tours!
Get a taste of our activities here. Until next year!

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