World Music Day 2022
21 June 2022

World Music Day 2022

World Music Day is being celebrated today, 21 June, in 22 European countries.

Since 1985, this celebration of music has spread beyond France’s borders, and Athens, the 1st European Capital of Culture, on the initiative of Melina Mercouri, was the first city to celebrate it outside France.

On this day, thousands of amateurs and up-and-coming and distinguished artists present their music live to thousands of citizens, and this celebration of music is a unique opportunity for the public to discover and enjoy different types of music, live & digitally.

See the Museum with a musical atmosphere:

- click here and – if you don’t already know them – meet the OTE Mixed Choir, which has been a musical presence for over 50 years, with many distinctions and awards in Greece and abroad

- enjoy the original Infinite Connections DJ set ">here, from the Permanent Exhibition of the Museum.  DJ Kostis Nikiforakis on the decks, playing

music by young artists on the Modern Greek music scene (hip hop, Electronica, etc.). 

In this original digital musical storytelling with sound and images, watch audiovisual material from the Museum's archive with modern techniques and stage effects.

#Stay Tuned

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